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5 x nocturnal nature on the Wadden Islands

The days are slowly getting shorter, the sun sets earlier and the outside air cools faster. With the autumn and winter season just around the corner, the time has come to spend a few days on the Wadden Islands. Thanks to the minimal light pollution, the night is nowhere as beautiful as in this unique nature reserve. Moreover, the enterprising residents ensure that there is also a lot to do after sunset. We have listed 5 special experiences in the dark for you here.

1. Spot shooting stars on the Wadden Sea When you think of dark nights, you immediately think of shooting stars. You will experience the most spectacular experience during a shooting-star trip on the Wadden Sea with an old clipper. In the autumn you can see the most beautiful meteor showers from the deck.

2. Climb a lighthouse
During the dark nights, you can't miss the lighthouses that light up the sea and islands. With a guide you can climb one of the six lighthouses on the islands after a forest and beach walk to see with your own eyes how far the light shines.

3. Listen to folklore in the dunes
At sunset you walk into the evening listening to local folklore with a guide. The exciting stories about sand drifts, night hunters and drowning people will undoubtedly give you goosebumps.

4. Join us on an eco safari
Even before the sun has risen in the sky, an electric car will take you on a journey of discovery through nature. With a guide by your side you will experience the island in a completely different way than during the day.

5. Admire the Milky Way from the Dark Sky Park It is so dark on the Boschplaat on Terschelling that the nature reserve can call itself a Dark Sky Park. In good weather you can even see the nebula in the Milky Way at night. That is very unique, especially when you know that there are only two nature reserves in the Netherlands that bear the label of a Dark Sky Park. Go out with a guide and be amazed by the enormous amount of stars in the sky.