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Making your child water-free, its importance and 5 tips!

Summer vacation is coming up again. And generally that means nice weather. So many fun outings and going on holiday to water, especially if the sun is delivered in time. It is therefore important for your child to be water-free and not to be afraid of water. Preferably not so water-free so that he/she jumps into the water without mercy.

Not every child is anhydrous

Our 5 year old daughter is very anhydrous. She is taking swimming lessons (and is doing very well by the way!). She knows that she can't go into the pool without a swimming cork (although she thinks she can swim very well without corks, because she can do that in swimming lessons too). We have taught and taught her that without swimming diploma A she cannot enter the water without swimming stools. You probably recognize it.

Little guy is sadly not so water-free. He is quite scared in the water. That is certainly not the intention! Since we enjoy going to the sea on holiday, it is also nice if he can play in the water more or less carefree. We regularly do water games on dry land and this week I went swimming with him. We walked in the water, ran, jumped and he even put his nose in the water. Also his face completely, so that his hair got wet too. He can't seem to find anything floating on his back. He also dares to touch the bottom of the paddling pool with his hand. What a giant leap suddenly to clear the water. I was completely happy with it myself.

Advantage of swimming corks

By the way, we are not a fan of swimming rings here at home, but of corks. With swimming rings, your children hang in the water, while they should actually lie down. This is stimulated more with swimming corks than with armbands. But in the paddling pool they get nothing (in terms of flotation devices). In this way they learn to trust and develop their own buoyancy. And another advantage:they are not afraid when they go to swimming lessons, where no flotation devices are used.

Tips to make water-free

Do you know how to make your children water-free? I'm sure I have some tips and fun exercises for you here!

  • Blowing bubbles in the water;
  • Make frog jumps (jump into the water and then touch the ground with your hands);
  • Let your child jump from the side in your arms (stand further and further away);
  • Throwing the ball;
  • And of course a lot of splashing!

Since I am a fanatic water polo (which guarantees a lot of art and flying work in our daily planning), I attach great importance to my children feeling free in the water. Were your children anhydrous early on? And did you do something special for that or was that not necessary?