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How to maintain your car? The best things to know.

The basic rules for car maintenance are as follows:

First of all know that it is not necessary to be a mechanic to maintain a car.

Maintenance is the best way to avoid breaking down and therefore to avoid ending up too often at the garage or behind a tow truck.

It's easy to maintain more to spend less:

To do this, first of all, you must inflate your tires as indicated in your car manual and check the parallelism of the wheels.

Then remember to change the oil regularly.

Then also change the coolant.

Finally take a look at your air filter, check that it is in good condition. Do not hesitate to refer to the manual.

Do not neglect the maintenance of your car and go to the garage if in doubt!

Savings Achieved

Proper maintenance of your car will allow you to take fewer risks but also to consume up to 20% less gasoline.

Fewer stops at the pump saves time and money.

You won't be tempted to shell out money in the station's convenience store and you'll spend less on petrol, which is always too expensive.

Lower gas mileage will save you a lot of money!